NEXO was born from our own professional experience

The market is changing and we have the chance to reinvent ourselves, addressing the challenges of the new digital transformation.

[icon_box border=”1″ title=”Mission”]To dynamise companies by providing talent to carry out the services requested.[/icon_box]
[icon_box border=”1″ title=”Vision”]Talent always available. Everyone satisfied.[/icon_box]
[icon_box border=”1″ title=”Professional ethics”]Trust, empathy and leadership based on transparency are the foundation of our values, beliefs and motivation.[/icon_box]

NEXO is an open organisation, creating a successful company in today’s technological setting, and the only way to do so is by leaving behind old ways of doing business, including the focus on vertical hierarchy, and adopting a new one that focuses on inviting others to share their opinion.

Our leadership model is the cornerstone of the transformation process. We encourage change, curiosity and a global vision.

NEXO means the link between clients and professionals. As an exponential organisation (ExO).

Our values: Trust, transparency, honesty, leadership, responsibility, commitment, customer orientation, flexibility.

Business consultancy, based on technology, on-demand services, that aims to have a positive impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

With a long-term vision, NEXO was created as a business project focusing on providing high value in all areas in which it operates to ensure its clients are more satisfied.

An environment that fosters collaborative intelligence, where we are all involved in contributing ideas, creating products and services.


Our community is always growing, and each member contributes their experience and professionalism to achieve the best services for our clients.

360º vision

We have created and found talent in all departments of companies. We contribute vertical and horizontal talent in all the sectors where we work.


We give our clients access to top talent, sustainable in troughs and exponential in peak times.


Our technology allows us to find the right profiles for your project in our community of professionals.


We are a COLLABORATIVE PLATFORM for open innovation among COMPANIES, PROFESSIONALS and START-UPS that provides the best selection of on-demand talent and innovation, in a COMMUNITY model that adds value to all its members.