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The best way to do things is as a group.


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Develop as part of a community!
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Grow as part of a community!
Unlimited talent
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Ongoing support and guidance

From the first contact through completion of the project, we are with you all along the way. Tell us what you need and we’ll put you in touch with your PERFECT MATCH. From this connection, NEXO will oversee the whole process, make sure you meet your goals and, above all, create a space to discover new opportunities as a community.

360° experience

  • Match
  • Oversight
  • Achieving goals
  • New opportunities

Community as a source of solutions

NEXO is a COLLABORATIVE PLATFORM. The work revolution is here, a commitment to collaborative intelligence and management of open innovation among companies, freelancers and start-ups to build a community that adds value to all its members and allows them to grow, together.


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Shared experiences and professionalism for the best results.
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360º solutions

Transversal talent and innovation in all departments
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On demand

To take away or enjoy in the moment, with total availability.
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The profile that best fits your needs, thanks to our technology based on artificial intelligence.
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Ongoing oversight of the process to ensure it is successful and everyone is satisfied.
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Knowing you’re surrounded by professionals who understand your needs.

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